Dora is a shining star who emerged from the vibrant music scene in Vientiane, Laos. As a groundbreaking artist, she has captivated fans with her melodies and electrifying DJ sets, becoming an icon in Hmong music and entertainment.

Her journey began with her debut video “Tsi Tau Xav Ua Nyab,” attracting fans with its blend of tradition and modern music. Fairy then transitioned from singer to DJ, entering the DJ world and becoming a sensation. She found her place in Vientiane’s nightlife, enthralling crowds at Club Oscar with sets fusing heritage and modern rhythms.

Beyond music, Dora empowers Hmong women, breaking barriers in a male-dominated field. Her determination has inspired many to boldly pursue their passions.

Dora continues to evolve, enthralling audiences with performances that bridge tradition and modernity through her artistry. With every beat, she cements her legacy as a powerful force in Hmong music. Though her odyssey, Fairy creates lasting magic.


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